Show the right offer to the right consumer at just the right time. Provertised Sell smarter, sell more!

About Provertised

The combination of our retail experience and innovation to provide retailers and manufacturers with an E-commerce and channel solution that will "ring the cash registers" and boost brand equity. It is not as simple as setting up a site with a buy-now button... We do it "right" as your strategic partners in driving sales, achieving channel harmony and leveraging brand awareness.

What is Our Strategy for Success?

We manage the entire process for you. We work with you to select an initial set of keywords to target with your campaign, and then suggest additional keywords, to meet your marketing goals. Remember, anyone can put the website on the First Page of Google; the only question is, for how much and for how long? By selecting Provertised to manage your online campaigns your business will be saving thousands of dollars on your advertisement cost a year.

Our Packages

We have packages to suit your needs. Are you looking for a few extra clients per week or do you want to dominate the online search engines and cover all angles when a client goes looking for your type of service?

Special Package

Basic Package $100

Bronze Package $200

Silver Package $300

Gold Package $400

Gold Plus Package $500

Platinum Package $600

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